Closest Beach to Memphis

Traveling is always a very relaxing and fascinating thing. It always relaxes your mind and freshens your soul. If you’re already at the beach and enjoying your tan, you can also book a picnic shelter at the Arkabutla lake beach for a small fee. So have a chow down before you hand back. Let’s take you a little further, shall we?

After all, you’re on a mission to find the closest beach to Memphis. There are several beaches near Memphis. But to keep your adventure spirit alive, we will mention a few now; if you’re okay doing a drive for an hour and six minutes, head down to Chewalla Lake Recreation Area Beach, located in Mississippi. The Chewalla Lake Recreation Area Beach is small but charming and probably the most beautiful beaches. If you want to escape into a water wonderland, go to the Chewalla Lake Recreation Area Beach. You can immerse yourself in every outdoor activity you can think of. The shore has a 260-acre lake with attractive features such as a water body shadowed by beautiful trees. Ready for another adventure?

Why Memphis?

Memphis is a charming city on the Mississippi River’s banks. Aside from the famed Mississippi River, Memphis is also adjacent to several beautiful lakes and spectacular beaches that make wonderful weekend options. Visit Memphis, the city that has a lot of heart. You will not forget the sea and its sandy beach.

If you visit the beaches of this soulful city, you won’t be able to get enough of the ocean and its sandy shorelines. Take a look at some of the top beaches near Memphis, TN, that I handpicked just for you to kick-start your fun-filled trip with your friends, family, or spouse.

Beaches near Memphis

According to driving distance, the following beaches are the nearest to Nashville, Tennessee.

  1. Pensacola, Savannah Beach, Seaside, and Rosemary Beach are approximately 6.75 hours away.
  2. The closest Gulf beaches to Memphis are Destin and Gulf Shores: 7 hours of travel time
  • 7 hours and 15 minutes to Panama City Beach
  1. The beaches of Tybee Island and Hilton Head are 7.5 hours away.


What Memphis is Famous for?

Memphis is one of the blues and the birthplace of Rock and roll. It also conceived gospel, jazz, R&B. rap, and soul. Memphis finds itself in the most famous dream destinations right up the list with Costa Rica. The entertainment doesn’t stop there. Memphis also has a list of films for you to look at. There are so many notable films that happened in the musical city. You may have heard of the 2005 film Walk the line or the 1998 classic road to Graceland.

Closest Beach to Memphis

Beaches in Memphis

When you’re through soaking up Memphis, you may want to hit the beach. Now there are no direct beaches in Memphis but located at short distances. If you grab your car real quick and pump it with gas, you can make a fast 43 to 45 minutes drive to Arkabutla Lake Beach, which is in Mississippi. The site is a top-rated swimming destination for vacation goers. You can build sandcastles, take your children on a lovely walk or enjoy the refreshing water.

Mississippi River State Park Beach

You can head down to Mississippi River State Park Beach. The closest beach to Memphis the drive is another one hour and 4 minutes of your time. But when the water calls, you need to answer. What’s one small purpose compared to the majestic glory waiting for you? The city life is exhausting, and the Mississippi River State Park Beach understands. Nature lovers will enjoy the calm and gentle breeze and the beauty of nature. You can soak up the sun and stretch across the shore, and leisurely swim. Depending on how adventurous you want to get, you can also indulge in kayaking, canoeing, and fishing.

Don’t forget to take pictures and make memories for life. You should also push yourself a little more complicated and go on hiking and trail visitation. There is also the beautiful wild life of the Mississippi River. Memphis is shiny and beautiful, but who can beat the feeling of visiting the beach? While we have listed only three, we feel these three sites will make you fall in love with water.

Old Kuttawa Recreation Beach

On Lake Barkley’s northern beaches, the Old Kuttawa Recreation beach, the Memphis, TN beach, and the Memphis, TN beach. It is the ideal swimming beach because of its clean, peaceful, and shallow waters with a sandy bottom. It’s an excellent destination if you’re looking for nearby lakeshores to take your friends, family, and companions. Furthermore, this freshwater seashore is a sporting destination where you can enjoy a variety of exciting workouts both on land and in the water.

Orange Beach, Florida

Orange Beach is a small city on the Gulf Coast of Alabama. It is Memphis’s closest Florida beach. It is regarded as a water sports hub. Waterfront Park, located on Wolf Bay, features a fishing harbor and picnic areas. The Orange Beach Indian and Sea Museum, albeit not the closest beach to Memphis, explores Native American and fishing history. The Wharf, located to the west, is a commercial district featuring a theater.


In the end, visiting the nearest beach to Memphis is one of the tricks for locating slow time of year getaways! They are less crowded, cheaper, and provide better value for money. Expect to do this picture of typical Memphis, TN beach activities at a fraction of the price – in October! The best part about these bay coast beaches is that the late spring lasts well into August every year. So, in essence, you may plan a late spring and a fall beach vacation every year! We are fortunate in Tennessee to have a plethora of lake activities to choose from! Furthermore, we have a large number of artificial beaches in and around town that are identical to these. We hope you enjoy these beach resorts near Memphis.



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