Distance from Philadelphia to Rehoboth Beach

It is always fun and exciting to have a short trip on weekends with friends and family. It helps to relax and refresh the mind and body. Usually, short trips are planned on short notice and when you cannot travel to long-distance due to your certain reasons. So, planning short day trips always help you to relax and enjoy yourself with your family or friends. If you are the one, who is planning for a short day trip, this article is for you.

Rehoboth Beach

Rehoboth Beach is a must-see location, from the stunning ocean views to the historic boardwalk. By day, you’ll witness sunbathers in flip-flops enjoying their favorite snacks and hear the excitement of Funland. By night, you’ll watch the town come alive with charm and enjoy one-of-a-kind eating.

Rehoboth Beach is a lovely tiny town on the East Coast with pleasant year-round weather, lovely real estate, excellent restaurants, and tax-free shopping – all within two hours of Washington, D.C., Baltimore, and Philadelphia. Rehoboth Beach has something for everyone, including a one-mile Boardwalk, stunning clean beaches and sea, and a variety of other leisure activities.

In Rehoboth Beach, you may walk down the boardwalk, shop and dine on the Avenue, or simply relax and enjoy the surf and beach. Families have chosen Rehoboth Beach their favorite summer vacation destination for decades!

Trip from Philadelphia to Rehoboth Beach

Now you’re enjoying a refreshing trip in Philadelphia to Rehoboth beach. The journey does seem taxing, but there are once again options to help you make your trip. If you’re all about driving to Rehoboth Beach, you should know you’re in for 2 hours and 11 minutes with no stops. That means that it is 124 miles of cruising and enjoying the temperate weather. Maybe you want to play it safe, and you don’t want to get tangled up in flying, and then why not consider using a plane? Unless you have a private plane, you may need to make many stops in between. That is because the shortest distance between Philadelphia to Rehoboth needs to follow the earth’s curvature. Booking an economical flight, you’ll need to figure out how long it will take you to get to the airport. You will also need to calculate how longboarding will take you as well as security.

Distance from Philadelphia to Rehoboth Beach

Philadelphia to Rehoboth beach by Road

Unless you’re okay with the hassle, you may need to think about how you’ll make a trip. Practically, a car is the best way to go. If your curious mind is asking the distance from Philadelphia to Rehoboth beach, the answer is 124 miles. As you leave Philadelphia loading your car with your family, make sure you stop by Wilmington. It is a city in Delaware on the Christina and Delaware rivers.

Also, there are varieties of different places that you can visit while traveling from Philadelphia to Rehoboth beach by road. Some of them are as follow:

Visit Churches and Museum

You will get a chance to visit many enhancing museums such as the Harley Museum. So it’s okay to let your inner nerd out every once in a while. You can also visit the Old Swedes Church and have a quick meal here as you still have a massive distance to cover. Wilmington was a treat, but now it’s time to explore Cape May.

Seaside Resort and Estates

The city is a seaside resort at the tip of Southern New Jersey. You will get welcomed by grand Victorian houses such as the Eminem Physic Estate. The structure is now a museum which warrants another pit stop. You also get to visit the malls and the beautiful Washington Street.

Rehoboth Beach

Assuming you make no more pit stops along the way, you arrive at Rehoboth beach. The gorgeous beach is on the shores of Delaware. It has the most attractive hotels, stores, and amusement parks. You also enjoy 30 miles of unspoiled Delaware coastline with so many areas for you to walk on. You can also enjoy a variety of activities such as walking, ferry rides, and even cruises. If you’re into kayaking and paddleboarding, there is also something for the sports lover. There’s nothing better than water and sports giving you entertainment like never before.

Dewey Beach

If you wish, there is also another beach right next to Rehoboth beach. What waits is the gorgeous Dewey Beach and sits between the Atlantic Ocean and Rehoboth Beach. It is a wonderful treat for you and your family. Take in the sights and enjoy the seafood. It was all worth driving up your car to the glorious beach.

Activities to do at Rehoboth Beach 

Soak Up The Rays

Rehoboth Beach is an award-winning beach with lots of space for sunbathing, sandcastle building, and wave surfing, as well as dolphin viewing, pontoon boat tours, and spots for early morning or sunset runs along the shoreline and boardwalk.

Fun Activities for Family

Miniature golf, arcades, and Funland, with amusement attractions dating back 50 years, are available for the youngsters. At Jungle Jim’s River Water Park, kids may also enjoy bumper boats, water slides, a lazy river, and other activities.

Munching Local Snacks

Snack on Dolle’s Popcorn or Candy Kitchen’s saltwater taffy during the day. After the sun goes down, visit one of Rehoboth’s five craft breweries for a taste of the local flavor. Dinner options range from one-of-a-kind delicacies at Bluecoast Seafood Grill to sushi rolls with rooftop views at Cultured Pearl.

Other Adventures

For the more adventurous, hire a bike at Rehoboth and ride the Junction Breakwater Trail into Lewes. There’s plenty of tax-free shopping for the adults! Shoppers may take a stroll through the beautiful downtown boutiques or take a bus to the Tanger Outlets, often known as the “mile of style.”


           This shows that Rehoboth Beach is a prominent East Coast family beach holiday resort. With 30 miles of coastline, sports enthusiasts may enjoy kayaking, paddle boarding, sailing, and surfing, while others can stroll along the groomed walking trails and take in the beauty. You can enjoy and have a perfect weekend here!


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