How Many Miles from Orlando to Tampa

It is always fascinating to make travel plans and to travel to different areas on vacation. However, deciding the place for that is always very confusing. There are so many places on your bucket list that you can’t even decide where to go and where to not.

So, if you love traveling but do not know where to go or want to add another place to your bucket list, this article is for you. We will bring you a wonderful place and will surely be a place to travel this vacation.

When you’re ready to go, the wonder of Orlando awaits for the best vacation ever! Enjoy open-air adventures at our theme parks, memorable ecotourism experiences, and outdoor enjoyment for the entire family, including alfresco dining and shopping, sprawling resorts with incredible pools and recreational activities, and much more!

Orlando to Tampa

Orlando is the ideal hotspot vacation for anyone in sunny Florida. It is known for its renowned theme parks such as Disney world and holds other entertainment forms. These include theaters and even restaurants. Florida is all about making the destination about you.

However, when you’re already in the sunny hub, why not head down to Tampa? It will be a great place to travel and enjoy your vacations.

More than a dozen theme parks may be found in Orlando, a city in central Florida. Walt Disney World, which includes parks such as the Magic Kingdom and Epcot and water parks, is one of its most famous attractions. Universal Orlando, another popular attraction, has Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure, with the Wizarding World of Harry Potter straddling both.

Orlando from Tampa

Orlando is about 85 miles from Tampa. That means you get an option to take a plane, a car, or a bus to get to your destination. If you’re choosing aviation, then the Orlando International airport awaits you. You’ll cover a looming 78 miles by plane.

The airport is always brimming to the max. It’s too busy serving about 40 million passengers a year. That means when you show up with your suitcases packed, ready for an adventure, they will help you.

Since no stop flights are going from Orlando to Tampa, you can quickly go from point A to B for $264. These prices can hike depending on how busy the trip is. Suppose you decide to take care.

Now there is a whole other adventure waiting for you. If you wondered how many miles from Orlando to Tampa, the answer lies in the 85 short, sweet miles you’ll cover. The road trip should take you no longer than 1 hour 45 minutes and as you leave Orlando.

Places to Travel in Orlando

There are many places to visit in Orlando that you will enjoy with your family or friends.

Orlando Theme Parks

What better way to begin than by visiting one of Orlando’s famous theme parks? These are must-see destinations for families traveling with children, as they are home to Disney World Resorts, Universal Orlando Resort, and other attractions. You will discover various theme parks.

Disney and Sea World

You can see the glorious Disney, Sea World or even the Titanic exhibition. Hitting near the intersection, you can visit the Waldorf Astoria Golf Club.

Beaches in Tampa 

As you’re entering Tampa, there is also much for you to see and do. Tampa is home to eight gorgeous beaches awaiting you. You can enjoy a delicious surf and turf while also going on boat rides and enjoying the fullest.

How Many Miles from Orlando to Tampa

Lettuce Lake Park

Lettuce Lake Park, located just northeast of downtown Tampa, has a nature center and a long boardwalk that leads to an observation tower. People come for a day of canoeing or bird watching, and there are also picnic areas if you want to take a break from driving before arriving in Tampa.

Dinosaur World

Dinosaur World is a large outdoor park with over 200 life-size dinosaurs for visitors of all ages to see in their natural habitat. You can dig for fossils, and there’s also an indoor museum with artifacts for rainy days.

Historical Places

Tampa is also rich in culture and history, so if you like the thought of enjoying fine dine and water, go to Tampa now.

Traveling to Tampa by Bus

After all, why not take the car for the long haul. If you’re even more adventurous than the average Joe, take the bus. Opt for Greyhound bus services which are a continuous running service from g. However, depending on the stops, the journey should take you no longer than one and a half hours. In case your bus driver is feeling like a tour guide, it may take you 2 hours.

There are various services on the bus. You can lift your wheelchair, access Wi-Fi, and even get overhead storage. But with buses, you need to be right on time, or else the traffic will await you on the streets.

The service runs continuously, and you also get other features such as adjustable fares and good seats.

If you’re traveling with children, you want all the comfort you can get. It’s not easy to take pictures while trying to balance your toddler.

So as you try to navigate your way through Florida, why not find a niche that beckons you. You’ll find yourself enjoying as you enjoy what the sunny side of the US has for you.


We offer several sites in the Orlando area, including the Orlando International Airport (MCO), where you may pick up one of our luxury vehicles and are on your way. If you’re traveling in the winter, rent a convertible to take advantage of the milder temperatures.

In the summer, an SUV is ideal for a family excursion with the air conditioning turned up to 11. When you arrive in Tampa, you can quickly drop the car off at the airport or one of our other locations in the city.

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